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Instagram Ads for SMBs on Horizon as Company Walks Thin Line Between Opposing Advertiser and User Preferences

Instagram, the later-comer to the social media advertising space, has been beefing up its advertising options since October 2013. As all other late-comers to any industry, Instagram has reaped the benefits of the trials and errors other social media networks have experienced with their own advertising options. Plus, their acquisition in 2012 by Facebook likely gave the company even further insight into which ads work best for advertisers — as well as which ads users on the platform don’t … Continue reading

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The Next Big Disruption in Ecommerce: Shipping Strategies Raise Stakes for SMBs

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7 Photography Best Practices for Online Fashion Merchandising

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The 7 Must-Measure Facebook Ad Analytics to Increase Your ROI

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Bigcommerce Apps and Integrations to Simplify Multichannel Selling: Featuring GoDataFeed, InStockNotify, Stitch Labs

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SMBs Lay Foundation for Successful Scaling: 81% Plan to Invest in Ecommerce Technology

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Twitter for Ecommerce: How to Cultivate a Shopping Audience Using Micro Content

Are you using Twitter to grow awareness and demand for your brand? You should be. Recent studies show that Twitter users … Continue reading

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