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How Fleur de Light Candles and New Orleans Small Business Began the Post-Katrina Revival

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, New Orleans has not simply rebuilt the city, but reversed decades of poverty and unemployment. Unified by a pioneering spirit and resilient innovation, small businesses and growing brands have played a major role in fueling the post-Katrina comeback. New Orleans now boasts entrepreneurial activity 56% greater per capita above the national average. Among the more than 30 industry leaders who have expanded to New Orleans — including … Continue reading

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Competitive Pricing Product Updates Part 2: Schedulable Discounts, Flash Sales

Discounting is a key element within a retailer’s pricing strategy. In the first part of this series, we introduced you to … Continue reading


New Orleans 10 Years Later: How Small Business Slippin’ Southern Found Opportunity in Post-Katrina Tragedy

Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina burst the levees and devastated the city of New Orleans. The immediate flood damage, … Continue reading


How to Build Your Own Efficient Ecommerce Photography Studio

Whether you are a big box brand or a scaling SMB, if you are an ecommerce retailer, you are in the business of production. … Continue reading


EMV Payment Cards: What SMBs Need to Know About the New Technology and Liabilities

A major change is coming to the way retailers process credit cards — yet less than one-fifth of businesses are … Continue reading


Competitive Pricing Product Updates Part 1: Enhanced Discount Rules

The holiday shopping season is fast approaching and scaling SMBs are beginning to source, stock and promote their holiday … Continue reading

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Bigcommerce Apps and Integrations to Drive Customer Loyalty; Featuring S Loyalty, JustUno, PriceWaiter

As the holiday season approaches, capturing high traffic levels and turning net new customers into proven conversions is key. … Continue reading


Brick-and-Mortar, Mobile App Experiences Most Important for Converting Omnichannel Consumers

The commerce world can be fickle, to say the least. In the last year alone, we’ve seen the decline of staple brands including … Continue reading

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