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The Next Big Disruption in Ecommerce: Shipping Strategies Raise Stakes for SMBs

The expansion of online marketplaces and recent updates in how shipping costs are calculated is causing shipping giants to change the way they conduct business. UPS, USPS as well as individual big box retailers are all testing innovations to first meet and then surpass ecommerce customer expectations of timely and trackable package delivery. Customer demand fuels updates from both shipping companies and retailers. Today 74% of shopping carts are left abandoned, with 56% dropped because of … Continue reading

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The 7 Must-Measure Facebook Ad Analytics to Increase Your ROI

Facebook reporting gives marketers a whopping 145 metrics to look at, and yet, Facebook reporting is only half of the … Continue reading


Bigcommerce Apps and Integrations to Simplify Multichannel Selling: Featuring GoDataFeed, InStockNotify, Stitch Labs

Multichannel selling offers endless opportunities for increased sales and customer acquisition. But, successful … Continue reading


SMBs Lay Foundation for Successful Scaling: 81% Plan to Invest in Ecommerce Technology

As we enter the final half of 2015, many decision makers within commerce organizations are looking for scalable and … Continue reading

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Twitter for Ecommerce: How to Cultivate a Shopping Audience Using Micro Content

Are you using Twitter to grow awareness and demand for your brand? You should be. Recent studies show that Twitter users … Continue reading

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Direct Marketing, Brand Association and Revenue: Why a Catalog Might be Your Next Best Marketing Bet

True omnichannel dominance within the retail industry means your brand is absolutely everywhere the consumer is. To … Continue reading


Online Sales Tax: How to Tell Fact from Fiction & Save Your Business from an Audit

Think sales tax is just a rate? If you sell online, think again. For traditional brick-and-mortars, setting up sales tax is … Continue reading

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