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Ecommerce News You Need to Know; Highlights from Google, Amazon, Net-a-Porter

Happy Friday, everyone! For those of you recovering from SXSW or a relaxing spring break, it’s likely this week was a rough one for getting back into the swing of things. Not to worry, we’ve rounded up the top ecommerce news stories to know before the weekend including Google’s new (and pleasantly aggressive) small business initiative, Amazon’s continual attempts to break into the luxury ecommerce space and Unilever’s data-backed plans to roll out beacon technology to their entire brand … Continue reading

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Facebook Aims to Outcompete Google, Pinterest as the Leading Shoppable Search Engine

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Top Ecommerce News You Need to Know; Highlights from SXSW, TAG Heuer, Starbucks

Happy Friday, everyone! For many this week, #SXSW took over their schedules, with talks hosted by the likes of Refinery29, … Continue reading

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