We’re Now Accepting Signups for Beta Testing of Our New RESTful API

Hi all. Our engineering team has been working night and day over the last few months to crank out a RESTful API for BigCommerce, which for now is simply known internally as “API v2″.

We’ve put the finishing touches on the actual API, the API documentation is now live and we’re inviting all 3rd party developers, partners, integrators and desktop/web/mobile application developers to request early access to the beta release of our new API. We’re looking at an opt-in beta period of anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on feedback.

Our new RESTful API will then be turned on for all stores running the latest release when the beta period is finished. We will of course announce when this happens.

Request early access to the beta of our new RESTful API

So what can our new RESTful API do? For all you techies out there, here’s a CRUD overview (C stands for create, R for read, U for update, D for delete):

  • Orders RUD
  • Shipments CRUD
  • Tracking Numbers CRUD
  • Inventory RUD
  • Coupons R
  • Products RUD
    • Images CRUD
    • SKUs CRUD
    • Rules CRUD
  • Options CRUD
  • Option Sets CRUD
  • Customers R
    • Address Books R
  • Categories CRUD
  • Brands CRUD
  • Countries R
    • States/Provinces R

    Basically you have read and write access to all of the important data in your store via our new API. And the API permissions and access are controlled from your store’s control panel, which makes it easy to set/unset permissions and assign/revoke API permissions on a per-user basis.

    So what can you do with the new API? Here are a few ideas:

    • Integrate with your accounting software
    • Integrate with your order management software
    • Integrate with backend ERP systems
    • Build browser widgets to show when a new order arrives
    • Build a desktop application to manage inventory
    • Create an iPad application to browse products
    • Create an iPhone application for low stock alerts

    This is of course the first RESTful API we’ve released and we’re not assuming it’s perfect, but we’ll really rely on early developer feedback to continue improving it. We surveyed over 10,000 clients and of all the reasons an API was important, we’ve covered about 90% of those with our new API. We’ll continue to build out the API and add functionality as we go. We’ll also be releasing amazing mobile applications and integrations as we go, so keep an eye on the blog for those.

    Request early access to the beta of our new RESTful API

    P.S. If you’re an API/iPad/iPhone/Android/PHP/Ruby mash up wizard that loves to integrate things then why not come join us in our Sydney office? We’re hiring a LOT of engineers at the moment.

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    New Webinar Series: How To Drive Sales Using Advanced Marketing Strategies

    Overview: New advanced webinar series
    Title: How To Drive Sales Using Advanced Marketing Strategies
    When? 1pm CDT on Wednesday, August 10th (See this in your time zone)
    Register: Click here to register (limited spots available)

    We already run regular webinars that teach the basics of e-commerce and BigCommerce, but today I’m happy to announce that we’re adding a fourth series to our already popular webinars.

    Lead by certified BigCommerce design partner and e-commerce experts Madwire MediaHow To Drive Sales Using Advanced Marketing Strategies is our latest webinar series and the first webinar kicks off at 1pm CDT on Wednesday, August 10th (see this in your time zone).

    So, what will you learn during this free webinar? Here’s a taste:

    • Automatically targeting customers after purchase
    • Retargeting customers based on what they buy
    • Increasing conversion rate using promotional banners
    • When it’s best to offer time sensitive promotions
    • Strategies to increase sales using gift certificates
    • How to find and promote your best selling products
    • Analyzing abandoned cart data to improve conversions
    • How to manage orders and inventory for multiple stores
    • Dropshipping strategies to manage multiple vendors

    Click here to register (limited spots available)

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    We’ve Raised $15MM In Series A Funding – Here’s Why

    Talking to journalists about the news

    Today we’ve announced (TechCrunch, Statesman, Washington Post) the closing of our $15MM series A funding round from General Catalyst. Larry Bohn will be joining our board and we’ll be using the investment to drive towards our goal of being the number one e-commerce platform in the world for small businesses.

    We’ll be investing heavily in the product (more so than we already do), specifically we’re in the process of turning BigCommerce from software to a platform so it can sit at the center of your business and integrate better with the other software and services you use (or would like to use), such as inventory management, analytics, ERP and other systems. BigCommerce has over 110 native integrations at the moment but there’s always an opportunity for more.

    We’re approaching 20,000 clients but are building out the infrastructure, integrations and platform to handle hundreds of thousands of clients because that’s where we’re heading. We grew our client base 680% in 2010 and don’t plan on slowing down.

    We’re also building out our senior management team to help us execute on our vision. Open positions include VP of Marketing, CFO and VP of Engineering. You can see all of our open roles on our careers page. We’re also hiring in sales, support, marketing and QA. We have over 70 awesome people at the moment and will end the year in the triple digits.

    At the end of the day it’s business as usual for us and our goal hasn’t changed. We’ll continue to do whatever we can to help grow your small business. We love small business and we love seeing them succeed. It’s in our DNA and it’s why we do what we do. We’ll continue to listen to your feedback, build it into the product and improve our support and customer service so we can continue to wow you. We’ll continue to educate you and we’ll innovate even faster – without losing quality and all while keeping our mission statement in mind:

    “Be the #1 e-commerce provider in the world by creating and delivering software that changes people’s lives.”

    It’s been a great ride for us over the last 8 years and it’s only just begun. If we’re known for anything, we’re known for executing and that’s what this funding allows us to do – execute faster, with more people and more ideas more frequently. We’re not in the business of software. We’re in the business of making you successful and we’re looking forward to sharing with you new features, ideas, partnerships and integrations as we roll them out.

    Thanks for all your support so far and we hope you’re as excited as we are about what’s next for us!

    Mitch & Eddie
    BigCommerce Founders

    P.S. If you like press releases, you can read our funding announcement here.

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