New Year’s Resolution: Partner, don’t pitch

resolution partner don't pitch

In addition to our awesome stores, Bigcommerce has some amazing partners that work with and add value to our platform. This post is geared towards partners and service providers, but there are some valuable tips here for all business owners. Enjoy!

As your clients close out the year, the reality of their business is coming into sharp focus. Did they lose money, break even or make a profit? What will they need to do next year to grow or stay in business? When these questions start popping up, it’s important for your clients to remember that you’re in this together. It is time to be a partner, not a cost center. They need the guidance and advice you bring to the table, not a pitch.

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#MaverickMonday Spotlight: New site design, new ecommerce platform, new online business

So many of our clients are taking big steps to improve or promote their businesses, and we wanted a way to highlight those bold moves and inspire other clients to make their own. Once a month, we will share some of our favorites right here on the Bigcommerce blog.

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Top Father’s Day Gifts

Here’s your friendly reminder that Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16. If this is the first time you’re hearing about it, don’t worry — I’m here to help. Here are some of our favorite Bigcommerce stores that sell gifts your dad will dig.

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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts

Helpful reminder: Valentine’s Day is almost here. If you’ve slacked on buying a gift or are looking for something a little cooler than chocolates and roses, we have suggestions from some of our clients.


Tiny Pies

We’ve all heard the old adage nothing says romance like adorably miniaturized foods. Tiny Pies makes delicious hand-held pies, and they’ve got special options for Valentine’s Day like heart-shaped cherry pie and chocolate brownie pie with Red Hots.

Torie & Howard Candies

Another sweet option is organic candy from Torie & Howard. They would make a perfect addition to a gift basket for your special lady or dude. It’s like I’m doing all the work for you.

BonBon Jewelry

If your Valentine is into jewelry, I recommend handmade BonBon jewelry from Micah Yancey that features specially selected semi-precious stones. I’ve personally heard the word “fabulous” thrown around a lot when people see her store.

XHiBT Cases

For the gadget guy/gal with a sense of style, check out this line of vintage-inspired, handmade device cases from XHiBT. They make customized cases for the iPad, iPhone and Kindle out of traditional bookbinding materials and solid bamboo.

Travel Photography from Amanda’s Big World Adventure

Not independently wealthy? Few are. So if you can’t afford to spring for a romantic international trip, an excellent alternative is one of Amanda’s gorgeous travel photos. Plus you can enter her Be MINE! Valentine’s Day photo contest to win a unique piece of fine art that you create yourself through the MINE! project.

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App Store Update: Incentives, email marketing, inventory management and shopping comparison listing for your online store

We have a ton of excellent apps coming into our App Store right now in addition to the hundreds we already have. Here are just a few that we think you’ll find helpful for your business.

New/Popular Apps


Incentivibe (Marketing)Giving away big prizes via online contests is a great way to incentivize your visitors to subscribe to your email list, like your page on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, or share your business with their social networks. Incentivibe helps small businesses get in on the action, allowing them to co-sponsor $500 monthly prizes with other businesses while sharing only a fraction of the prize cost ($19.99). And live data on your leads, fans, followers, shares and tweets let you track the results.
SimpleRelevance (Email Marketing)Just as the name implies, SimpleRelevance helps you send relevant, personalized emails to your customers based on their geographic, social, demographic and past purchase data. All you have to do is spend 10 minutes setting up the application, and the SimpleRelevance team will design a template that uses your logo, creative and products. Then you can automatically send a weekly product recommendation email to your customer base that ties in with your MailChimp, ConstantContact, iContact, ExactTarget or EmailDirect account. The best part — you only pay if you generate weekly incremental revenue. Otherwise, it’s free!
Boxora Inventory Management (Order Management)Boxora is a web-based inventory management system for Bigcommerce that helps keep your inventory in sync with every other part of your business. Both simple and SKU-based products are supported for inventory updates and reporting, label printing, shipment scanning and more. The simple screens and barcode input make receiving inventory and updating stock levels quick and easy. And the free plan includes up to 1,000 product SKUs.
RetailTower (Shopping Comparison)RetailTower makes it simple to integrate your store with more than 15 popular shopping comparison engines, including Google, Amazon, Bing, TheFind, GoShopping, and SortPrice. The free app lets you seamlessly import inventory from your store to RetailTower. They then create data feeds based on the specifications of each comparison engine, scheduling and automating listings. Their built-in analytics platform allows you to track referral traffic to measure your success.

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