[Video] 5 Tips to Increase Your Online Sales Using Twitter

Depending on what you sell, Twitter can be a good way to reach potential customers and improve relationships with existing ones. If you’re a one man show then it makes sense to spend 5 minutes a day on Twitter finding conversations which are happening about your online brand, jumping in to address any questions if appropriate.

In this video I’ll share with you 5 simple strategies you can use to increase your online sales using Twitter. Now, keep in mind that Twitter is generally better at building good will with potential customers so you might not see an immediate boost in sales, but done regularly over the period of a few months you will see results, especially if you track the links you post on Twitter.

The tips I share in these videos are:

  • Share useful content every day
  • Participate in conversations about your brand
  • Link to your Twitter profile from your contact page
  • Reuse and repurpose testimonials found on Twitter
  • Post coupons or special deals exclusively on Twitter

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