[Video] How Time Management Relates to Company Growth

Please note: This is the first video I’ve recorded in our new office and the acoustics are terrible. There’s some echo because we have wooden floors and the camera decided to randomly blur me a few times as well. I’ll be looking into a clip mic for the next video – if you know of a good one please email me (mitch [AT] bigcommerce). On a positive note though, my entire office wall is now a white board thanks to IdeaPaint – awesome :)

Ahhhh, time management. One of the most boring subjects on the planet for us entrepreneurs who only care about results, right?

Well it depends. Effective time management is one of just a few strategies you can implement to skyrocket the growth of your business. It doesn’t cost anything, it’s measurable (and we’re all about measuring, right?) and it’s something you can teach your team as well. Today I want to teach you how to go from being reactive (i.e. doing “stuff” to fix other people’s problems) to being proactive (i.e. accomplishing tasks that will help fulfill your goals and grow your company).

In this video I discuss time management strategies in the context of growing your company faster. Sure it’s nice to manage your time effectively, but what’s the real outcome you want? You can easily map hourly, daily and weekly time management strategies back to a huge increase in the growth of your company over a quarter or year if you know how.

In this video I’ll teach you how.

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  • http://www.evanseasyspace.com/ www.evanseasyspace.com

    I like the idea of the lock down approach, as I often get distracted when new tasks crop up. I think it is really important to dedicate time to a task and don’t deviate from your plans until you have finished it. Otherwise at the end of the day you will end up with 10 uncompleted tasks rather than 4-5 completed ones.

  • http://www.finnmoto.com.au matt

    Totally agree with the 2 hour lock down approach to focus on the planned task in hand. Really hard to do though when your a sole trader.
    Good idea to break it into daily/realistic jobs, where i went wrong is i listed all the jobs that needed to be done (over the course of day, week, month then qtr/yearly/future).

    Problem was when I had the free time to work on these jobs, id look at all the weekly planned jobs to see which one to do and it would too overwhelming, ill break it down another level then rank them. so I focus on one job at a time.

    Great advice all your videos help reflect & guide, feels like we are receiving our very own $300 per hour business mentor. Keep up the good work.

  • http://www.bigcommerce.com Mitchell Harper

    Hi Angela. Completely aware the sound quality was terrible but I had an idea and wanted to get it to video ASAP. Future videos will be recorded from my home office where the acoustics are excellent.

  • http://www.facepaintforeverybody.com Angela

    Hi Mitch, I enjoy watching your vids they are full of great ideas but this one was painful because of the sound quality. Can you please redo it so we can hear what you are saying. Many thanks